Bachelor & Master Research Projects

We are continuously offering exciting master/bachelor research projects on software defined networking, 5G cellular networks and Internet of Things networks over the summer break.  Please contact me if you are interested.

PhD Scholarships

We offer a number of top-up scholarships available for PhD research studetns in SDN, big data and cyber security. To be eligible for these top-ups, you need to receive a scholarship that covers tuition fee and living costs. Options for these scholarships are given below.

The University of Adelaide provides a number of scholarships for postgraduate students. Details of available scholarships can be found at Postgraduate Scholarships page.

Generally the scholarships provide:

  • Living allowance: approximately $25,392 per annum (2014 rate) and
  • Full tuition fees.

There are also country specific scholarships, for example, the China Scholarship Council for Chinese students, or the UoA/DaNang and UoA/VNU for Vietnamese students.

To qualify you must  meet the following selection criteria:

  • Master  in Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a significant (at least 1 year) research project
  • or 1st class  Honours  in Computer Science or Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Mathematics or closely related field with at least a 1 year, full time research project.
  • Good GPA and  quality publications (conferences/ journals). As a general guide, the University of Adelaide will consider applicants with a GPA of 6/7 (85%) and several good journal publications (impact factor of at least 1 or above) for a scholarship.
  • Good written and communication skills.

Prospective candidates please contact me directly.


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